Additional images

As you can see on the pictures, the car is still in a very good condition and drives very well. The year 1931 marked the peak of Cadillac's model proliferation and styling individuality.

The first year with several car lines in one year!! The eight, twelve and sixteen cylinder cars. In 1931, the eight-cylinder Cadillac was given a number of engineering and styling changes. All Series 355 rode on a new 134-inch wheelbase and hoodlouvers were replaced by ventilator doors.

For a long time looking for a Convertible Coupe or Roadster of that year , I found the two cars at the same time! I decided to buy them both because they are hard to find in this condition.

After some problems with Customs about the export licence, they were shipped to Rotterdam. This Convertible Coupe had small restorations needed that are now done.

Looking very carefully at the roadster, I decided to go for a total restoration, which has now started.  Therefore, the roadster is not yet visible on the site!