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The first idea to develop a 16 cyl car started in 1925 and the debut was set for the autumn of 1929 just after the moment that the stock market boom reached its peak, just as in 2011, so perhaps there will soon be presented a big new Cadillac!!!

The sixteen cylinder cars were exhibited for the first time at the New York autosalon in Januari 1930. All you want to know is perfectly explained in The Illustrated History 

" Sixteen Cylinder Motorcars " by Roy A. Schneider. This car is an older restoration still in very good condition! A perfect car to drive long distances. The car is now undergoing a complete restoration of both carburators due to the former work by amateurs resulting in a bad running car.

I think, Cadillac made its most impressive car by building the V16! They were big but still elegant, fast with a lot of room and very luxurious. This made every owner proud to drive a fantastic V16 Cadillac and they still are. I was lucky that I could buy this car. After a long period of negotiation, the deal was closed with an extra trade-in of my Harley Davidson, otherwise the owner would not see the car go to the Netherlands.