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I bought this popular series 340 coupé from a Dutch friend who lived in Indiana. It runs and drives perfectly, only the upholstery is affected by the moth. Regarding the buildsheet its nr. 6 T 127 but Cadillac Historical Services wrote: we cannot identify this upholstery type and colours. If anyone knows where I can get this or who can make it from a existing sample, please let me know!

The car is equiped with the accessory wire wheels and an original Cadillac radio. It was the lowest priced Cadillac that year and now very sought after because this "Golf Club Coupe" is such a beautiful car.The most visible exterior styling change for 1930 Cadillac was the extension of the vertical ventilator louvers to the full length of the hood. Windshields were slightly angled. It's hard to find a almost "untouched" car in this condition.