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Just before The Great Depression, while Lawrence P. Fisher was President, came this beautiful model on the market. The new innovations were: Synchro-mesh transmission and safety-glass. Cadillac produced that year 18004 units, all sold.

This car is an older restoration still in very nice condition, equiped with a lot of accessories like wire wheels--trunkrack with trunk--radio for open cars--original Cadillac laprobe-- L+R runningboard spotlights--windwings--Tonneau windshield etc. etc.

Extra: the Herald ornament in very, very beautiful condition.

It also has the " Monogram Panel Butternut Beige" 

The low folding windshield gave the car a sportier look. After 1928 Cadillac " refined " the cars with new double-acting Delco shock absorbers and fully adjustable seats.