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This new type 61 Cadillac featured a number of mechanical and styling improvements, for instance a walnut steeringwheel and a revised instrumentpanel and seats design.

This big 7-passenger Touring Car was one of the most popular Cadillac models of that year. Interior conveniences included a pair of folding auxilliary seats, an improved roberail and a three position adjustable footrest. Also Bausch & Lomb headlamp lenses were used.

A roadtest published by "The Motor" in England mentioned: Imposing in appearance!!!! Extraordinarily complete in equipment!!!! Nicely finished and smooth in operation!  It's a notable topgear performer with acceleration from 5 to 15 mph in 5 sec. Another 5 sec from 15-25 mph/25-35 mph and finally 35-40 mph.

"The Motor" continued, "The Cadillac has been one of the most respected cars sold in this country".