The Cadillac Collector


"The Cadillaccollector" presents Paul van Acker, collector of all kinds of objects connected to Cadillac/La Salle.

An intrinsic characteristic of my former profession of dental technician was an eye to detail. This has always proved an advantage in my hobby as collector of all objects pertaining to the makes: Cadillac and La Salle.

Top brands such as Cadillac and La Salle impressed me with their own eye to detail. I started collecting Cadillac/La Salle-related items including miniatures, literature,accessories and spare parts.

All these items have now been brought together in a private company which aims to support and bolster the brands Cadillac and La Salle. Some are being put on the market, while,  on the other hand, there is room in the collection for the purchase of further interesting objects.

The purpose of this website is to present everything connected to "The Standard of The World", starting with the years 1902-1945.

 Special thanks to the team of "XIM SYSTEMS" for making this website!

Oct 4


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